Proven Professionals
Nonprofit Focused
Pro Bono Support

Savvy professionals contributing their skills pro bono to make an impact within the nonprofit space

Lasting Impact

Our main goal is to strengthen the impact and visibility of our nonprofit partners by providing pro bono advice and support (in areas like software enablement and governance) leading to long-lasting positive outcomes.

Proven Team

Community of proven professionals (both professionally and personally) with deep operational and financial expertise who are committed to supporting nonprofits.


Since all our support is pro bono and our team members have limited time, we only collaborate with organizations that we are truly passionate about and believe impact potential is vast for.

"Through teaming up with Project Precocious, we increased community engagement, improved operational efficiency, and built stronger connections with corporate donors."
Erin Dinan, Founder
One Sandwich at a Time
"Partnering with Project Precocious bolstered our organization's visibility, aided software selection decisions, and strengthened our governance."
Shawn Slevin, Founder
Swim Strong Foundation



Project Precocious Pod uncovers the backgrounds, perspectives and insights of leaders in the worlds of business and philanthropy.


Presentations are published related to Project Precocious’ impact and findings which stakeholders can benefit from.


Updates related to the organization and organizations Project Precocious partners with.


Dan New

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman
  • Partners Group, Infrastructure Investor
  • KPMG, Strategy

“Our recipe at Project Precocious is we begin making a positive impact for partner organizations on day one. This begins as a dialogue about how things can improve, and quickly evolves into execution which is what really fires us up.”

Jacob Posada

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman
  • Monroe Capital, Software and Technology Lending
  • PennantPark Investment Advisers, Investor

"Project Precocious excels in enhancing nonprofits financial and operational performance through proven software selection and governance strategies. This achieves enduring results for communities that need support most."

Grant Gilbert

  • TA Associates, Growth Equity
  • Partners Group, Private Equity

"Our community of young professionals empowers nonprofits to achieve more with less. This generates tangible results for nonprofits while bringing fulfillment to the Project Precocious team."